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My name is Mitch.

I’m one of those millennials you hear so much about. By day, I work in operations for a SaaS company in Vancouver, Canada. By night, I like to paint, play video games, or tinker with my website.
(yes, the one you're on right now)
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Art Journal - August 2022

Did a quick little painting in my sketchbook tonight, and looked back at what my paintings looked like a year ago, and a year before that. I don’t often think that I’ve gotten any better at making art, but looking at my older paintings, even I can see how much I’ve improved. Practice definitely makes progress.

A golden Labrador looks to be grinning as he sleeps belly-up on a bed covered in various soft looking blankets

Happy Zeus Day!

Zeus, King of Naps, Destroyer of Stuffies and Chewer of Ropes, Golden Boy of the Bloodhound Nose and the Husky Voice, a 100% certified Handsome Doggo, joined the family two years ago.

Is it too soon to start planning next year's garden? Yes, I know it's August.

I don't know anything about cars but this one was fun to paint.

It’s really quite expensive to be into three different paint mediums at the same time, but I’m sure the people at the art supply store love me.

Art Journal - July 2022

Right now he's thinking "Gosh Dad, a little kiddie pool for me to play in would be such a great present that you could get for me, like maybe today?"

A little pool sounds like a swell idea, bud. Unfortunately, some ice in the water bowl will have to do for now.

I think maybe most humans throughout history (at least recent history) have felt that they lived in a remarkable time. Surely looking back at history, or just listening to your grandparents, would make you feel incredibly advanced and civilized and evolved.

But all of those humans throughout history can suck it, because in my lifetime we shot a giant gold mirror into space, which allows us to literally see things that are so far away we are just not capable of realistically understanding it. We are looking backwards in time. Do you even understand what I'm saying? We sent a robot into space that can look out into the universe wherever we want it to and will send us an incredible amount of data about that spot in the sky that lets us see what was going on at a cosmic scale. This is the most remarkable time to be alive, bar none.

Watching Gamers Game

I often sit and watch videos on YouTube of people playing Minecraft, instead of playing the game myself. No, I don't think that's weird.