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Weeknotes #5

  • I finally pulled out my paints and brushes this week and got started on a new piece. It isn’t much to look at just yet, but I am excited to see where it goes and it’s really nice to have something new to work on.


  • About halfway through Winter’s Heart. There’s been, like, one chapter with Rand in it so far. I know this story is not just about him, but maybe the reason this book feels like a slog is because it’s mostly centred around boring-ass characters like Perrin and Mat (sorry, I know a lot of people love Perrin and probably even more people love Mat, but Perrin is dumb as a post and Mat is sort of just a fount of misogyny and narcissism).


  • TV took a bit of a back seat this week but The Last of Us is still really good.
  • Season two of The Fight Attendant is great so far, and I’m so glad to see some character development from raging alcoholic to someone actually trying to improve their life.

🔗 January 29, 2023

Slept a little funny, I guess, and now I can’t turn my head more than an inch to the left. Thanks, I hate it!

🔗 January 26, 2023 @ 6:55AM

Weeknotes #4

  • It feels like it hasn’t stopped raining in Vancouver for months. The occasional clear day isn’t quite enough to make up for it. Dreaming of somewhere sunny.
  • Work is picking up after a long slow season, and it looks like I’m in for a busy year. Thanks, I hate it!


  • Making slow and steady progress through Winter’s Heart. Apparently this is about halfway through ‘the slog’, which fans seem to agree is somewhere from books 7 - 11 (Winter’s Heart is book 9). I can’t say I felt that the previous novels were excruciatingly slow, but this one definitely feels like it’s off to a slow start. I have never cared that much for Perrin, and even less for Faile. Guess I’ll just have to keep on slogging.


  • The Last of Us is off to a decent start. I never played the video game, but I’m far more interested after episode 1 than I ever was for, say, The Walking Dead.
  • That 90’s Show is terrible. It’s practically a carbon copy of the original, which was barely better than mediocre to begin with. If it weren’t for the nostalgia, it would be 100% garbage. I’m so tired of shows and movies trying to cash in on nostalgia. Are we really all done with the original ideas?
  • The Flight Attendant is at least interesting, though it’s very hard to feel for someone who is just… a bad person? Glorifying the absolutely insane level of alcoholism (since she was a child??!?!?) feels… not right. But this is definitely a better opportunity for Kaley Cuoco to show off her acting chops than as, say, Billy in Charmed.
  • Finally got around to watching Glass Onion. It’s good! Solid whodunit, but I’m not sure it needs multiple rewatches as some friends have implied.

🔗 January 21, 2023

Is everything annoying and bad and wrong or am I just in a mood? Nah, pretty sure it’s not me. I’m a goddamn delight.

🔗 January 20, 2023 @ 6:59PM

Have reached the point where I could upgrade from my more-than-a-couple-years-old iPhone SE to … well, something else. But am I impressed or excited about the iPhone whatever? No. The Samsung or Pixel options? Also no. What’s a guy to do?

🔗 January 15, 2023 @ 4:01PM

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