👤 Mitch Bartlett
📍 Vancouver, Canada
🧬 [he/him]
💼 Operations (SaaS)
✨ Jack of all trades and master of absolutely none of them. Dog dad, tea drinker, light sleeper, and definitely not as funny as I think I am.
Me, in a red shirt and sunglasses, lounging in the sun.

Sometimes, in my mind, I am 21 years old and fresh out of University, and sometimes in my knees and back I am closer to 65. In reality, I have so far made 30-some-odd revolutions around the sun.

I learned how to write HTML and CSS as a teenager on a website called CalgaryPlanet, which was sort of a hyper-local version of MySpace. I decided to major in Graphic Design when I went to University, but later switched to Photography. In the last few years, painting has become my medium of choice.

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This website is the latest iteration in a long line of personal sites I have maintained over the years. Everything is powered by Kirby, a most excellent CMS. Hopefully everything works well and looks good, but please feel free to point out any bugs or errors to me at mitch@bartlett.pro.