I’m Mitch, and I like to make pretty things.

Sometimes, in my mind, I am 21 years old and fresh out of University, and sometimes in my knees and lower back I am closer to 65. In reality, I have so far made 30 or so revolutions around the sun.

I learned how to write HTML and CSS as a teenager on a website called CalgaryPlanet, which was sort of a hyper-local version of MySpace. Over the years I built blogs and portfolio sites, and even got paid to build and maintain some websites for clients. I decided to major in Graphic Design when I went to University, but switched to Photography after a year. I left school a couple years later, and I didn’t pursue photography or web design as a career, but have kept at both as hobbies. As of now, my love for making pretty things has shifted to painting. It satisfies my desire to work with my hands and produce something tangible, and to work with pretty colours.


This website exists, in part, because I support the IndieWeb. I want the future of the internet to be one where everyone can own their own content, and we can communicate beyond the silos of traditional social media. All of my content is posted to this website first, and sometimes syndicated later to social media.

My babbling is available in a tidy RSS feed, and this website is webmention-enabled so I can theoretically connect my little corner of the internet to other websites.


This website is the latest iteration in a long line of personal sites I have maintained over the years. I’m a sucker for a fresh start, and unfortunately most of what I have made before is now lost, deleted or forgotten about somewhere. The internet is forever, sure, but previous sites like miiitch.com, mitchellbartlett.com, and mbrtltt.com are no more. I’m here now, and hopefully bartlett.pro is where I will stay, but I make no promises.

Everything here is powered by Kirby, a most excellent CMS. Hopefully everything works well and looks good, but please feel free to point out any bugs or errors to me at mitch@bartlett.pro.

Me, in a red shirt and sunglasses, lounging in the sun.



The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan (1998)


House of the Dragon, HBO


The endless droning buzz of the portable air conditioner


Just like the good old days. I don't really know most of these people, but their websites have been inspirational or downright instrumental in getting (and keeping) mine up and running. Or, they're just really cool.

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