A small sketchbook being held open to show two paintings, on the left a lit candle against a black background and on the right, a figure looking out over the sea on an overcast day

A friend mentioned that by using a smaller sketchbook they were able to get past their art block more easily, which is a great idea. It doesn’t take long to fill one of these pages and it’s been a great way to warm up each day before diving into some larger pieces I’m working on.


I went into this with low expectations but am surprisingly pleased with how it turned out!


Bye, 2023

On one hand it seems silly to mark the passing of a year, given how man-made the calendar is, but on the other hand, it is very difficult not to reminisce a little when everyone else is, and one time is as good as any to mark the “start” …
A boxed book set of the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

A post-Christmas gift to myself. I must have read Mistborn on an old Kindle or something because I definitely have read it once before, but I can't find it anywhere. Looking forward to getting through these.


A great way I’ve found to keep up with daily painting practice is with these little 3”x4” cards. They don’t take much time to paint, and the size is a fun challenge.