29 — Weeknotes #5 →

26 — Slept a little funny, I guess, and now I can’t turn my head more than an inch to the left. Thanks, I hate it!

21 — Weeknotes #4 →

20 — Is everything annoying and bad and wrong or am I just in a mood? Nah, pretty sure it’s not me. I’m a goddamn delight.

15 — Have reached the point where I could upgrade from my more-than-a-couple-years-old iPhone SE to … well, something else. But am I impressed or excited about the iPhone whatever? No. The Samsung or Pixel options? Also no. What’s a guy to do?

14 — Weeknotes #3 →

14 — I quit smoking weed two weeks ago — which means 90% of what I see on instagram has become videos from stoners talking about how great smoking is. Thanks, algorithm!

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31 — Weeknotes #1: ‘Twas the week after Christmas →

25 — Going to the movies on Christmas Day is something of a tradition in my family. I couldn’t be with them this year, but my partner and I stuck to the tradition and went to see Avatar: The Way of Water tonight. The movie is pretty, obviously, and it’s perfectly fine, as movies go, but we absolutely need to stop pretending like 3+ hours is an acceptable runtime for a movie.

23 — Flight was cancelled, so I guess I won’t be drinking mimosas in a hot tub in Las Vegas this Christmas.

21 — Meant to be travelling in a couple of days, but still waiting to make sure the flight isn’t cancelled due to weather. This is not a fun waiting game.

04 — Grabbing the handle of a saucepan, barehanded, when it’s fresh out of a 400 degree oven, will hurt. A lot. For hours. Ask me how I know!


22 — I know: it’s okay to take a break and step away from things, even your hobbies and passions. But I do worry that “I don’t feel like painting tonight” very quickly turns into “I haven’t painted in weeks/months.”

21 — All signs point to needing to choose a better instance to live on, but they all seem closed and anyway I just want to use my own domain. Hopefully is able to scale up effectively soon. I don't love the idea of paying for my social media handle, but I super don't love the idea of having to host my own instance.

14 — So: This post on my site should (theoretically) automatically be published to Mastodon. Cool? Now it looks like I just have to find a better instance to be on than

01 — The next iteration →


28 — I get bored of tinkering with my website and walk away for like, a month, and suddenly I'm running an outdated version of Kirby (by multiple versions) with plugins that are also multiple versions behind. Also, my comment form has been found by the spam bots. Seems I have a bit of work to do!


29 — Did a quick little painting in my sketchbook tonight, and looked back at what my paintings looked like a year ago, and a year before that. I don’t often think that I’ve gotten any better at making art, but looking at my older paintings, even I can see how much I’ve improved. Practice definitely makes progress.

24 — Happy Zeus Day! →

18 — Is it too soon to start planning next year's garden? Yes, I know it's August.

12 — It’s really quite expensive to be into three different paint mediums at the same time, but I’m sure the people at the art supply store love me.


04 — Watching Gamers Game →

01 — Tried to upgrade to Kirby 3.7 but that seems to break the Commentions plugin, which I barely got working to begin with. I'm smart enough to build a website, but not smart enough to make it fancy 😬


14 — Well would you look at that, I can officially tweet from my own website. "Officially" of course not meaning that it's auto-posted to Twitter, but tweet-like notes can now have a permanent home here.

10 — This will have to get easier →

07 — Debating between social media and posting on my own site as if I have any followers, or any reason to post anything other than a vague feeling that I … should post things?

… He tweeted to nobody lol

01 — I’ve led meetings and done presentations before, and it’s always a little nerve wracking, but this morning I was absolutely shaking like a leaf. Apologies to my coworkers who saw me normal in one meeting, then a total bundle of nerves in the next 🙈


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30 — Leave a comment down below →

24 — Fuck Am’rrca →

19 — Everything is awful →

06 — Hello, Kirby →

04 — First I was all whoa cool, so many CMS’ these days… it’s gonna have to be f*cking Wordpress isn’t it


14 — How can so many people on the internet be so wrong about everything


26 — Finally watched the new Spider-Man movie, can’t say I thought it would be a crier but Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man catching Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’s MJ had me fully weeping


08 — Fountain Pens and Cyclical Obsessions →

07 — Ugh I KNEW this Harry Potter reunion would have me sobbing and I was not wrong 😭😭😭

02 — Me, every two months: omg do I need a blog


05 — Fell down the stairs this morning, knowing all the way down how hilarious it probably looked. Not stoked about the incoming bruises, but still giggling at myself every time I think of it.



18 — I should not be allowed near an art supply store without supervision ffs. Bye money! Hello random art supplies I’ll use once 😍

07 — Spam/bot call #5 for today and it’s not even 2PM. I hope nobody is ever actually trying to call me for something important because I have fully given up on answering when it rings.


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23 — I'm so glad I stopped using Facebook →

23 — Getting Organized with Notion →

16 — One Year Later →

10 — Yes, this bag of chips says family size, but that’s more of a guideline...


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01 — Taking In the Sights →



21 — Who the fuck decided to turn Be Prepared, the greatest sequence in the entire movie, into a lacklustre monologue? #disappointed #LionKing