Art Journal - April 2022

Another decent month of sketchbooking. I added some new tools and paint colors to my arsenal, and I’m really starting to feel like I have absolutely everything I need. I also tried scanning in the pages from my sketchbook for this month, though I’m not sure I love the results.

  • Ink and watercolor sketch of a margarita in a tall glass, a red colored pencil and a blue colored pencil, a pair of glasses, two poptarts on a napkin, and a balloon labelled Happy Anniversary

This is a Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook, which has a fabulous mixed-media friendly paper that can handle a bit of water, but isn’t necessarily designed for full-on watercolour paintings. It’s a great sketchbook for the low-pressure work I’m trying to create here, but it does tend to warp once it’s wet and the scanner picks up on that quite a bit. The landscape orientation of the sketchbook doesn’t help either, and hopefully my next sketchbook will be portrait orientation to help alleviate that.

With the screengrab from Harry Potter, I was absolutely terrified to make an actual attempt to draw and paint faces. Drawing people is really hard, and drawing people that look like specific people is even harder. There is definitely a bit of wonkiness basically everywhere in the final piece, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well I was able to render everything. And, with a sort of modified Zorn palette to boot — the entire page was painted with three colors: Alizarin Crimson, Azo Yellow Green, and Payne’s Grey.

I’d like to cram as much as possible into this book in May, so hopefully next month there will be lots more.

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