Art Journal - June 2022

  • A watcolor painting of an apple fritter donut taking up half of the page, the other half is completely blank except for a little doodle of the 14 degree rainy weather of that day
  • A watercolor sketchbook spread with a beach scene on the left, a painting of poutine and some sweets in the middle, and another beach scene with geese on the right
  • A watercolor painting of an off-white drink in a tall glass with a pink umbrella labelled pina colada, and a Beer sign hanging on the wall
  • A random assortment of red and green and yellow splotches, over which is an ink sketch of a boat on fire approaching a town located in rolling hills

I really had to force myself to pull out my sketchbook in June; my interests shifted slightly and I spent some time on this website, and some time playing Minecraft instead. I'm really happy with that apple fritter though, even if I didn't get to paint anything else that whole day. At the end of the month, I randomly filled a page with splotches of all of the leftover paint on my palette. Then I sketched in over the paint, which was a fun little exercise.

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