Art Journal - March 2022

On one hand, March felt like a month where I got a lot done — though in fact, I only have a few pages to show for the entire time. That being said, I do feel like I learned a lot with each page.

I painted the lemon tart and cheesecake at the office after work, while some coworkers were sitting around eating and chatting (a Friday afternoon tradition). This was the first time I’d really drawn and painted “in public”, and everyone was very kind and supportive of how it turned out.

I was very happy with how the very last page of this sketchbook turned out. While I don’t think adding a lot of written text is something I’m going to keep doing, I was really happy that the sketch of Zeus does, in fact, look like a dog. It’s always exciting to be able to see actual improvement in your own work.

With the end of this sketchbook comes the beginning of another, and while I was able to get a hold of the Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook like I wanted, at the time the art store was sold out of the portrait orientation — so I picked up another landscape version. I don’t love the landscape orientation, as I think it gives the paper more leeway to wobble and warp, and also the hugely wide rectangular spread is more difficult to work with than the generally square spread of a portrait book. Hopefully this next sketchbook won’t take a year to complete, so I can try again and get the sketchbook I actually want (though I think next time I’m going to go a little extra and get the Beta series).

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