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Feels good to get the sketchbook out again. Also feels good to hang out by the pool drinking margaritas!

The days before a vacation when you're starting to pack, trying to eat everything in the fridge, and the airline is sending you emails about preparing for your flight... delightful. Getting ready to go away is like anxiety, but the fun kind.

A clear, shrimp-shaped exoskeleton lays on the gravel in front of a clump of grass in a closeup view of an aquarium

Sometime this morning, one of the cherry shrimp in my aquarium molted and left behind their too-small exoskeleton. I think this is the first successful molt in this tank, though I’ll soon be adding some crushed coral to try and raise the water hardness to make molting easier in the future for them. In the meantime, this just looks gross, especially once the snails found it and crawled inside to eat the thing.

I’ve been enjoying the process of creating this little watery ecosystem in a glass box. Even though so far it’s mostly just an empty tank, it’ll be ready for a fish in a few weeks when I’m ready to get one.

A sketch in blue, red and black of a giant sculpture of two diamond rings against a backdrop of oceans and mountains

A painting of a cup of coffee from directly above against a green roughly textured background

8x8 or 9x9 or so, I forget now. Painted as a gift for a friend.

A sketch in ink and watercolour of some people at the beach

Yes by all means let’s start another painting when there are 4 pieces in progress waiting to be worked on. Great idea!