There have been 118 posts since 2019, but I've been complaining on the internet since long before then. Scroll at your own peril.


Both the head and feet are missing from this image because I said nah, too hard. I swear I'm not getting into a colored pencil phase 🙈

A watercolor sketch of a large tree and a sculpture of two diamond engagement rings embedded in the grass, overlooking the ocean

It's been quite rainy for the past few weeks so when the sun made a rare appearance today, I knew I wanted to squeeze in some time outside. It's still a bit chilly outside but it's always nice to fill another page in the sketchbook. I also got new window privacy screens that cast little rainbows around my living room when the sun is shining so I'm obviously obsessed with that.

Three faces sketched in colored pencil in blue, yellow, orange, and purple.

I normally only pull out the col-erase colored pencils for a quick sketch or something that is going to end up covered in paint; it was a nice change/challenge to work on rendering more fully just with the pencils. I had originally intended for there to be 4 heads but exhaustion struck shortly after starting #3 — which you can tell as it's a bit off compared to the others. I foresee more faces in my sketchbook, though I'll have to up my endurance so I can at least execute a full spread properly.

An ink and watercolour sketch in a sketchbook of three buildings as seen from across the street, labelled Main Street and Kingsway, Gene Cafe. Next to the sketchbook is the edge of a paint palette, and the edge of another sketchbook.

Met up with some other sketchers and spent a couple of hours painting the view from outside a little coffee shop in Mount Pleasant. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Waiting on applications to process. Waiting on the property manager to return my text. Waiting on the bank to send something in the mail. My whole life has turned into “Hurry up and wait.”

Monthly Review: February 2023

I managed 5 weeks of weekly blogging (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) but I just don't do that much that's worth writing about; it probably makes more sense to try and do this on a monthly basis.


  • I (finally) finished book nine in the Wheel of Time series, Winter's Heart. It was fine? It ends with the cleansing of saidin, which was both over- and underwhelming. Apparently Rand learned how to do this from the Aelfinn (though they didn't provide the answers in the book), but I don't even remember him asking the question. Sadly, this series will probably warrant a re-read at some point. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
  • I somehow managed to also read the entirety of book ten, Crossroads of Twilight. It was a quick read, or else I’ve just been making a lot more time for reading than usual. Parts of it were supremely boring (I will never care about Perrin or Faile, apparently) but we got to see a bit of political intrigue, and some cool magic, and finally spend a decent amount of time with Egwene doing her Amyrlin thing.


  • I did manage to put pen and paint to paper a few times this month, which feels good. I have a project in progress that I have to finish before May, which sounds like a long time but the weeks keep slipping by without any progress being made.


  • La Poutine Week took up a bit of my time in the first half of the month; though it was mostly disappointing. How hard can it be to put together a decent poutine? Very, apparently — there was only one option I would bother eating again.

Feeling like I could stand to redesign my website. Or, alternatively, I could just... not do that, and take a nap instead. How EVER will I decide, I wonder, as I make my way to the couch with a blanket

La Poutine Week is an event where restaurants all over Canada can put forth their best poutine and people try them and vote online. Most of the participating restaurants are in Quebec, which is maybe not surprising, but there were 11 options in Vancouver — though 2 of them were technically on Vancouver Island, which is a wholly different place, but I digress — so I thought it would be fun to try some of them out. I got to 4 of the restaurants within a 2-week period and got to try 3 poutines. Only 1 of them was actually worth recommending, though, and now I think I've had enough poutine to last me a year.

It's been over a month since I quit smoking weed and I don't really miss it, but damn; the aquarium would have been LIT if I had been stoned. Though I probably would have been even more devastated when I found out they were sold out of poutine.

Weeknotes #5

  • I finally pulled out my paints and brushes this week and got started on a new piece. It isn’t much to look at just yet, but I am excited to see where it goes and it’s really nice to have something new to work on.


  • About halfway through Winter’s Heart. There’s been, like, one chapter with Rand in it so far. I know this story is not just about him, but maybe the reason this book feels like a slog is because it’s mostly centred around boring-ass characters like Perrin and Mat (sorry, I know a lot of people love Perrin and probably even more people love Mat, but Perrin is dumb as a post and Mat is sort of just a fount of misogyny and narcissism).


  • TV took a bit of a back seat this week but The Last of Us is still really good.
  • Season two of The Fight Attendant is great so far, and I’m so glad to see some character development from raging alcoholic to someone actually trying to improve their life.