There have been 118 posts since 2019, but I've been complaining on the internet since long before then. Scroll at your own peril.


A black and white oil painting of a girl wearing a pearl necklace lifting a bowl up to her head

Painted Dec 19, 2022. 8x10 oil on primed paper.

I'm still trying out different approaches for these sketchbook pieces — this one started with a grid drawing, then I basically painted from darkest to lightest. Working in just black and white helps me focus on value, which can be difficult for me. I did run into some trouble with overworking, especially around the eyes, and kept ending up with too much paint in areas that needed to be adjusted further, but I think I got close enough in the end.

Meant to be travelling in a couple of days, but still waiting to make sure the flight isn’t cancelled due to weather. This is not a fun waiting game.

Snow covers the ground leading up to the edge of a sea wall, and benches along the path. The ocean beyond is dark and the sky is grey, making the entire image seem to be monochromatic

A view from my morning walk with Zeus. I don’t like this weather, but it can make for a decent photograph, I suppose.

A black and white oil painting of a hand reaching out over a landscape of rolling hills

Oil, 8x10

I wasn't sure if I was going to end up going over this with a coloured glaze but in the end I think the grayscale works. I wanted to capture the way the light is sort of dancing across the fingers. Happy with this one!

Grabbing the handle of a saucepan, barehanded, when it’s fresh out of a 400 degree oven, will hurt. A lot. For hours. Ask me how I know!

After more than a week away from painting, I wanted to try to do something quick and loose, just to keep the habit up. To that end, I picked a subject I have already painted before. Is it the most successful painting? No. Did I have fun doing it? Yes. So that’s what counts.

I know: it’s okay to take a break and step away from things, even your hobbies and passions. But I do worry that “I don’t feel like painting tonight” very quickly turns into “I haven’t painted in weeks/months.”

All signs point to needing to choose a better instance to live on, but they all seem closed and anyway I just want to use my own domain. Hopefully is able to scale up effectively soon. I don't love the idea of paying for my social media handle, but I super don't love the idea of having to host my own instance.

A painting of the Marvel character Scarlet Witch, partially unfinished, in a sketchbook

Oil on primed paper, 8x10”

My faces are getting better, though this one turned out with a pouty mouth as well. Left partially unfinished because I got super tired of working on it. I guess the face is really the part I care about most right now.

So: This post on my site should (theoretically) automatically be published to Mastodon. Cool? Now it looks like I just have to find a better instance to be on than