I know: it’s okay to take a break and step away from things, even your hobbies and passions. But I do worry that “I don’t feel like painting tonight” very quickly turns into “I haven’t painted in weeks/months.”

All signs point to needing to choose a better instance to live on, but they all seem closed and anyway I just want to use my own domain. Hopefully Masto.host is able to scale up effectively soon. I don't love the idea of paying for my social media handle, but I super don't love the idea of having to host my own instance.

A painting of the Marvel character Scarlet Witch, partially unfinished, in a sketchbook

Oil on primed paper, 8x10”

My faces are getting better, though this one turned out with a pouty mouth as well. Left partially unfinished because I got super tired of working on it. I guess the face is really the part I care about most right now.

So: This post on my site should (theoretically) automatically be published to Mastodon. Cool? Now it looks like I just have to find a better instance to be on than mastodon.social.

A painting of Chris Evans in a sketchbook

Oil on primed paper, 8x10"

This ended up being easily the most successfully rendered portrait I've ever painted, and I learned a lot. There are things that need work as far as color and value, and if I had any interest in spending more time on this I would definitely go in with another layer or two and get everything just right. But this took nearly 3 hours (including the drawing) and I'd much rather move on to another piece than continue laboring over one page in my sketchbook.

The next iteration

I honestly thought the last design would make it a little longer, but I’m also not sure it ever ‘came together’ the way I had hoped. Also, I wanted to upgrade to Kirby 3.8. And, at least one spam bot had found my admittedly easy-to-spam …

I get bored of tinkering with my website and walk away for like, a month, and suddenly I'm running an outdated version of Kirby (by multiple versions) with plugins that are also multiple versions behind. Also, my comment form has been found by the spam bots. Seems I have a bit of work to do!

Painting an apple is sort of just one of those things that you do when you're practicing painting. It felt like an appropriate subject for my first ever attempt with oil paints. Loved every minute of it!