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Monthly Review: February 2023

I managed 5 weeks of weekly blogging (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) but I just don't do that much that's worth writing about; it probably makes more sense to try and do this on a monthly basis.


  • I (finally) finished book nine in the Wheel of Time series, Winter's Heart. It was fine? It ends with the cleansing of saidin, which was both over- and underwhelming. Apparently Rand learned how to do this from the Aelfinn (though they didn't provide the answers in the book), but I don't even remember him asking the question. Sadly, this series will probably warrant a re-read at some point. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
  • I somehow managed to also read the entirety of book ten, Crossroads of Twilight. It was a quick read, or else I’ve just been making a lot more time for reading than usual. Parts of it were supremely boring (I will never care about Perrin or Faile, apparently) but we got to see a bit of political intrigue, and some cool magic, and finally spend a decent amount of time with Egwene doing her Amyrlin thing.


  • I did manage to put pen and paint to paper a few times this month, which feels good. I have a project in progress that I have to finish before May, which sounds like a long time but the weeks keep slipping by without any progress being made.


  • La Poutine Week took up a bit of my time in the first half of the month; though it was mostly disappointing. How hard can it be to put together a decent poutine? Very, apparently — there was only one option I would bother eating again.