A painting of Chris Evans in a sketchbook

Oil on primed paper, 8x10"

This ended up being easily the most successfully rendered portrait I've ever painted, and I learned a lot. There are things that need work as far as color and value, and if I had any interest in spending more time on this I would definitely go in with another layer or two and get everything just right. But this took nearly 3 hours (including the drawing) and I'd much rather move on to another piece than continue laboring over one page in my sketchbook.

Did a quick little painting in my sketchbook tonight, and looked back at what my paintings looked like a year ago, and a year before that. I don’t often think that I’ve gotten any better at making art, but looking at my older paintings, even I can see how much I’ve improved. Practice definitely makes progress.

I don't know anything about cars but this one was fun to paint.

A watercolor painting of a scene from Harry Potter where Hermione demonstrates how to use Wingardium Leviosa in front of a dismayed looking Ron

It's pretty rough, but it's also maybe the first time I've painted full faces that actually look like people? Not mad about it.