Well would you look at that, I can officially tweet from my own website. "Officially" of course not meaning that it's auto-posted to Twitter, but tweet-like notes can now have a permanent home here.

Debating between social media and posting on my own site as if I have any followers, or any reason to post anything other than a vague feeling that I … should post things?

… He tweeted to nobody lol

Everything is awful

A little joke I like to make sometimes (offline, where people think I'm funny) is that somewhere around 2012, something happened that caused our world to splinter off, and we are now in The Bad Timeline. But the world has always been a …

I'm so glad I stopped using Facebook

I haven't been able to give up Twitter or Instagram, but removing Facebook and Facebook Messenger from all of my devices has been an absolute joy and I don't regret it at all. Sure, maybe some long lost family members would have a harder …