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A watercolour painting of a green T-Rex mid-roar

In an attempt to fill my sketchbook, I've just been drawing... stuff. Using, much as I hate to admit it, a pencil sketch to start. Which of course is working out great. Anyway here's a T-Rex.

A two-page sketchbook spread with a watercolor painting of a wide beach with waves crashing and a rock formation at the horizon

I've only been back a couple of weeks but I feel like I could use a vacation. This was a "paint first, ink second" page and I really enjoy the final look, though I'm not sure I could pull it off as effectively with a more complicated subject. The big shapes in this were easy enough to paint freehand but anything more complex and I would probably need a pencil sketch first — and I hate having to do a pencil sketch first.

Feels good to get the sketchbook out again. Also feels good to hang out by the pool drinking margaritas!

A sketch in ink and watercolour of some people at the beach

A watercolor sketch of a large tree and a sculpture of two diamond engagement rings embedded in the grass, overlooking the ocean

It's been quite rainy for the past few weeks so when the sun made a rare appearance today, I knew I wanted to squeeze in some time outside. It's still a bit chilly outside but it's always nice to fill another page in the sketchbook. I also got new window privacy screens that cast little rainbows around my living room when the sun is shining so I'm obviously obsessed with that.

An ink and watercolour sketch in a sketchbook of three buildings as seen from across the street, labelled Main Street and Kingsway, Gene Cafe. Next to the sketchbook is the edge of a paint palette, and the edge of another sketchbook.

Met up with some other sketchers and spent a couple of hours painting the view from outside a little coffee shop in Mount Pleasant. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.