The next iteration

I honestly thought the last design would make it a little longer, but I’m also not sure it ever ‘came together’ the way I had hoped. Also, I wanted to upgrade to Kirby 3.8. And, at least one spam bot had found my admittedly easy-to-spam comment form. So, it was time.

No more comments (or webmentions)
I love the idea of using my website in place of social media, but getting and keeping this site fully IndieWeb compatible was just taking too much time. Comments and webmentions are gone. Webmentions or some form of it may be a thing in the future, but for now it’s just me shouting into the void. Thanks to the couple of people who did leave comments - you guys are great!

Super simple
This design came together in like, a couple of days. It’s a single column. Uses a system font stack. It really doesn’t get much easier. I like the little blobular icon picture on the home page, though the animation may need some dialling in. I plan to change the border/background colour monthly, at least.

Could/should probably be a thing in the future. I am mainly focused on actually making portfolio-worthy work, and then I have to get the hang of photographing that work effectively… but eventually, I’d like to have somewhere I can show off my paintings. Maybe putting this non-link here will motivate me!

No Twitter
I’m not sure how much longer my actual Twitter account will exist, mostly because I have wanted to delete it for ages but have lacked the actual self-control and willpower to do so, and also a little bit because I just don’t really like Elon Musk or anything he’s done lately 🤷‍♂️ It seemed silly to add a link to Twitter when I want to quit the bloody hellsite. Maybe not putting this link here will motivate me!