Weeknotes #2

  • Updating to the latest version of Kirby caused one of the plugins I use to help create custom post types to fail — rendering me entirely unable to create a new post as long as the plugin was installed. That was a fun little head-scratcher, but things will just be a little more manual until an updated version is available.
  • Back to work this week. It’s been a bit of an adjustment after nearly half a month off, but it’s also nice to get back into the regular routine.


  • Not a damn thing. Oops!


  • Watched Everything Everywhere All At Once and it was easily the strangest movie I've ever sat all the way through. It's great, but it's also basically 2 hours and 20 minutes of wondering what the fuck is even going on.
  • Season two of The White Lotus is good, though maybe not as good as S1.
  • After a slightly gruelling rewatch of the first 15 (!) seasons, I’ve started Criminal Minds: Evolution, which is billed as S16. Only an episode or two in so far, and while I definitely miss Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), there’s enough of Kirsten Vangsness’ Penelope Garcia to keep me in it.