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Autumn Forest

King of Dinosaurs

Beach spread

Plant sketches

Pool Bar

The days before a vacation when you're starting to pack, trying to eat everything in the fridge, and the airline is sending you emails about preparing for your flight... delightful. Getting ready to go away is like anxiety, but the fun kind.


I started saving pictures and videos of sunsets earlier this year with a very clear image in my head of a page where I could scroll through all of them at once. And so, I present:

Water watching

Starting an aquarium is an exercise in patience.

Rings sketch

Coffee, black

Beach sketch

Yes by all means let’s start another painting when there are 4 pieces in progress waiting to be worked on. Great idea!

Cut off the parts you don't want to draw

Rings at Sunset

Practice with Faces

The view from Main and Kingsway

Waiting on applications to process. Waiting on the property manager to return my text. Waiting on the bank to send something in the mail. My whole life has turned into “Hurry up and wait.”

Monthly Review: February 2023