Happy Zeus Day!

Two years ago today, my partner and I pulled into a Dairy Queen parking lot in the middle of Alberta and laid eyes on a very energetic, very handsome one year old golden lab named Zeus.

A golden Labrador lounges on the kitchen floor, and looks to be smiling

He had been advertised at 40lbs (18kg) but it only took a glance to see that he was, in fact, much bigger. The only thought I had at first was he's too big, he's so much bigger than we thought, are we sure this is what we want?

Spoiler alert: we got used to it :)

A golden lab on a blue leash leading you down the path, with bushes and trees on the right and the ocean on the left, with mountains in the backdrop

Zeus has chewed through approximately 4,371 toys. He takes, on average, 4 walks and 8 naps a day. He is now 65lbs (29kg), healthy and happy. He is the center of attention 90% of the time, and will bark at you the other 10% (because you should be paying attention to him).

An extreme closeup of a golden Labrador's nose as his head rests on the back of the couch, eyes closed.

His bad habits are at this point, our fault (not that there are too many). There is still some work to be done, as far as learning and training. A lifetime of learning, probably. But I don't care! Today I'm just grateful for my buddy. Happy Zeus Day!