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A few quick sketches

Mimosas at lunch

Fountain Pens and Cyclical Obsessions

Ugh I KNEW this Harry Potter reunion would have me sobbing and I was not wrong 😭😭😭

Watercolor swatch sheet

Wooden Gateway

Me, every two months: omg do I need a blog

Ireland Travel Sketch #4

Ireland Travel Sketch #3

Ireland Travel Sketch #2

Ireland Travel Sketch #1

Good vibes only

Fell down the stairs this morning, knowing all the way down how hilarious it probably looked. Not stoked about the incoming bruises, but still giggling at myself every time I think of it.

I should not be allowed near an art supply store without supervision ffs. Bye money! Hello random art supplies I’ll use once 😍

Spam/bot call #5 for today and it’s not even 2PM. I hope nobody is ever actually trying to call me for something important because I have fully given up on answering when it rings.

Barge Chilling

A Guinness in Ireland



King of Naps