Both the head and feet are missing from this image because I said nah, too hard. I swear I'm not getting into a colored pencil phase 🙈

A watercolor sketch of a large tree and a sculpture of two diamond engagement rings embedded in the grass, overlooking the ocean

It's been quite rainy for the past few weeks so when the sun made a rare appearance today, I knew I wanted to squeeze in some time outside. It's still a bit chilly outside but it's always nice to fill another page in the sketchbook. I also got new window privacy screens that cast little rainbows around my living room when the sun is shining so I'm obviously obsessed with that.

Three faces sketched in colored pencil in blue, yellow, orange, and purple.

I normally only pull out the col-erase colored pencils for a quick sketch or something that is going to end up covered in paint; it was a nice change/challenge to work on rendering more fully just with the pencils. I had originally intended for there to be 4 heads but exhaustion struck shortly after starting #3 — which you can tell as it's a bit off compared to the others. I foresee more faces in my sketchbook, though I'll have to up my endurance so I can at least execute a full spread properly.

An ink and watercolour sketch in a sketchbook of three buildings as seen from across the street, labelled Main Street and Kingsway, Gene Cafe. Next to the sketchbook is the edge of a paint palette, and the edge of another sketchbook.

Met up with some other sketchers and spent a couple of hours painting the view from outside a little coffee shop in Mount Pleasant. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.


A black and white oil painting of a girl wearing a pearl necklace lifting a bowl up to her head

Painted Dec 19, 2022. 8x10 oil on primed paper.

I'm still trying out different approaches for these sketchbook pieces — this one started with a grid drawing, then I basically painted from darkest to lightest. Working in just black and white helps me focus on value, which can be difficult for me. I did run into some trouble with overworking, especially around the eyes, and kept ending up with too much paint in areas that needed to be adjusted further, but I think I got close enough in the end.

A black and white oil painting of a hand reaching out over a landscape of rolling hills

Oil, 8x10

I wasn't sure if I was going to end up going over this with a coloured glaze but in the end I think the grayscale works. I wanted to capture the way the light is sort of dancing across the fingers. Happy with this one!

After more than a week away from painting, I wanted to try to do something quick and loose, just to keep the habit up. To that end, I picked a subject I have already painted before. Is it the most successful painting? No. Did I have fun doing it? Yes. So that’s what counts.

A painting of the Marvel character Scarlet Witch, partially unfinished, in a sketchbook

Oil on primed paper, 8x10”

My faces are getting better, though this one turned out with a pouty mouth as well. Left partially unfinished because I got super tired of working on it. I guess the face is really the part I care about most right now.