Watching the sunset is one thing that always helps me remember that a bad moment, a bad minute or a bad hour doesn’t make a bad day, and a bad day doesn’t make a bad week, and a bad week doesn’t make a bad life. Everything is temporary, especially the shit moments. The bad day ends. A new day, a better day, is right around the corner.

In other news, Zeus turned 5 this week! Happy birthday to my son, my best friend, my ever-enthusiastic walking partner. Please stop barking so much. But also, please never change.

Happy Zeus Day!

Two years ago today, my partner and I pulled into a Dairy Queen parking lot in the middle of Alberta and laid eyes on a very energetic, very handsome one year old golden lab named Zeus. He had been advertised at 40lbs (18kg) but it only …

Right now he's thinking "Gosh Dad, a little kiddie pool for me to play in would be such a great present that you could get for me, like maybe today?"

A little pool sounds like a swell idea, bud. Unfortunately, some ice in the water bowl will have to do for now.

One Year Later

One year ago today, in what felt at the time like an overabundance of caution rather than the only sane thing to do, my company shut down the office and the entire company moved to working from home. As a tech company this wasn't the most …