Weeknotes #5

  • I finally pulled out my paints and brushes this week and got started on a new piece. It isn’t much to look at just yet, but I am excited to see where it goes and it’s really nice to have something new to work on.


  • About halfway through Winter’s Heart. There’s been, like, one chapter with Rand in it so far. I know this story is not just about him, but maybe the reason this book feels like a slog is because it’s mostly centred around boring-ass characters like Perrin and Mat (sorry, I know a lot of people love Perrin and probably even more people love Mat, but Perrin is dumb as a post and Mat is sort of just a fount of misogyny and narcissism).


  • TV took a bit of a back seat this week but The Last of Us is still really good.
  • Season two of The Fight Attendant is great so far, and I’m so glad to see some character development from raging alcoholic to someone actually trying to improve their life.