👋🏻 Hey there.

My name is Mitch.

I’m one of those millennials you hear so much about. By day, I work in operations for a SaaS company in Vancouver, Canada. By night, I like to paint, play video games, or tinker with my website.
(yes, the one you're on right now)
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A watcolor painting of an apple fritter donut taking up half of the page, the other half is completely blank except for a little doodle of the 14 degree rainy weather of that day

Art Journal - June 2022

Tried to upgrade to Kirby 3.7 but that seems to break the Commentions plugin, which I barely got working to begin with. I'm smart enough to build a website, but not smart enough to make it fancy 😬

Well would you look at that, I can officially tweet from my own website. "Officially" of course not meaning that it's auto-posted to Twitter, but tweet-like notes can now have a permanent home here.

This will have to get easier

It takes a fair bit of work to get a website up and running with the IndieWeb, so if this is ever going to be the future, it's going to have to get a heck of a lot easier.

Debating between social media and posting on my own site as if I have any followers, or any reason to post anything other than a vague feeling that I … should post things?

… He tweeted to nobody lol

Watercolor painting of a Mai Tai cocktail with a slice of lime and a mint leaf, over a scene of a wooden table with candles, drinks, menus, and with someone in a red shirt sitting across the table

Art Journal - May 2022

I’ve led meetings and done presentations before, and it’s always a little nerve wracking, but this morning I was absolutely shaking like a leaf. Apologies to my coworkers who saw me normal in one meeting, then a total bundle of nerves in the next 🙈

Listing year or month only once in blog archive

I have wanted to organize my blog posts like this a few times over the years and my searching has failed to provide an easy fix. I'm listing my solution here mostly so I can find it again in the future.

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Achievement Unlocked: comments and webmentions are up and running on the blog.

Fuck Am’rrca

Another day, another mass shooting in the U.S.